Why you should have your windows cleaned?

Having clean windows allows for you to have a crystal clear view of the world. Saves from damage from minerals and buildup. It is recommended that exterior residential window cleaning occurs at least twice a year and interior once a year. We offer recurring window cleaning agreements saving you money, protecting your investment and making it more convenient.


What makes us different?

Many window cleaning services still clean windows using a ladder, squeegee and mop. We have invested in state of the art equipment allowing for second story or third story windows to be cleaned without the need of a ladder or messy squeegee and pole work. Our Pure Water Window Cleaning System allows De-Ionized water to be produced on site that removes, dirt, residue and cobwebs from the glass and frames. No upcharges for frame cleaning like traditional cleaning requires. The process involves no chemicals and only uses around half a gallon a minute so less then running a faucet in your kitchen. Chemical free and soap free window cleaning is important for our environment and your landscaping.


We follow a five step method for cleaning your windows.

  1. We remove all screens and (scrub and wash them – Deeper Clean Package and above)
  2. We use the Pure Water System to rinse the windows and frames down
  3. We use a specialty brass pad to remove any buildup from the windows leaving nothing behind. (The Works Package)
  4. A final rinse and scrub is completed with Pure Water leaving your windows crystal clear.
  5. We clean the tracks and insides of windows (The Works Package)

We are able to provide window cleaning with streakless and spotless results.


Hard water build up

Hard water stands no match for us, we use special brass pads to remove build up without chemical. It is important to make sure this build up does not stay for long as it will permanently damage your windows and after a few years require replacement to correct the issue.


We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all residential window cleaning service. We are happy to fix any issues with the window cleaning.

How we price windows

One Window

Single / Double Hung


False Grids

Shaped Plate

Two Windows

2 Single / Double Hung

Sliding Glass / Glider Window or Door

Single Window w / Transom Window

Fixed Grid

Three Windows

Storm Window

Bay or large Picture window

3 Double Hung

Fixed Grid w Transom

Easy Pricing

Save 10% buy booking two services at once

(Valid thru 10/15/18 All Customers) 

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