Clutter Cleanup

Cleaning Mavericks will help you master the clutter, we have a team that specializes in clutter and hoarding cleanup.

Asking for help doesn’t have to be frustrating or embarrassing. We have over 7 years of experience dealing with the removal of unwanted items from clients homes.

As Professionals we understand that clients with clutter and hoarding issues are concerned with privacy and safety of their most prized items. All of our technicians are trained and background checked and will treat your home with the utmost care.

We are caring and compassionate with great knowledge in removal and organization.

We provide an assigned case manager to help “hold your hand” during the process.

Blank vehicles are used for Clutter and Hoarding cleanup to maintain your privacy. 

You will work thru the process of decluttering with your case manager and assistants.

Your trash is hauled away and items of value can be donated if you choose to do so.

We understand that clutter is not junk, it is items that need to be organized or removed do to the space taken up. We treat your living condition with the respect, dedication, understanding and compassion needed to make you happy and able to achieve long term success.

Hoarding Cleanup

We understand that hoarding can be overwhelming and make you not sure where to start. We can help we have over 7 years of experience in dealing with hoarding situations. We are able to provide care and compassion during the process. We are here to provide help with the situation and nothing will surprise us. We are not here to pass judgement, but to help. Our main focus is for you to regain the control of your home and no situation is too severe – we can always help.

We will make the process as low stress as possible and will help sort through the items and organize all important documents and keepsakes that have been lost. When we are done your home will feel like it is new again and life will be restored. The stress of not being able to have friends or family over or dealing with pests and bugs will be gone.

We understand that a plan must be in place before we start, so that your needs and emotions are considered to get your home into a livable condition.

Please contact us so we can help today, every situation varies and we will be able to give you an estimate of cost and completion plan by speaking to you in person. 

Organizing and Sorting Services

Home Reorganization

No more endless searching for misplaced items! The team will organize any or all of the rooms in your home. Each room will be analyzed and set up to suit your own personal needs and to make sure you can keep the room in tip top shape in the future. With a clear plan in place customized to your needs it will be easy.

Household Clean out

Cleaning Mavericks specializes in cleaning an entire home full of items and making it like new again so you can invite guests and family back into your life. Not only do we clean out and organize homes but we bring them back to like new condition.

Moving and Relocation Projects

Cleaning Mavericks will save you the money and hassles of moving unwanted items. We will help get your house ready to sell and set up your new home efficiently. Services include packing, home staging, unpacking and setting up all the rooms in your new home.

Estate Cleanout

For family and friends that need help with cleaning of the departed’s home or property. Often times, family members of the descendent are left with the burden of grief, and the additional burdens of settling and sorting through the possessions and personal items their loved one left behind. Cleaning Mavericks offers free estimates for and solutions to address any number of issues that need to be resolved in an estate cleanout situation. All your needs can be resolved by our estate services program.

Assessment of Personal Property: We offer coordination with a professional personal property assessor to determine if any items of value can be sold, auctioned or consigned to a reputable company.

All remaining items will be disposed of by trained professionals or donated.
Home Estate Repair: An assessment of the home that can help determine needed repairs, and replacement
Home Cleaning: Upon completion, Cleaning Mavericks can provide a thorough deep cleaning of the property. Including cleaning of carpet, windows, blinds and much more.

Junk Removal

Let Cleaning Mavericks help you remove and discard unwanted items. Our employees are careful with your walls and floors, driveway and lawn. Making sure to take the needed care when removing bulky items from your home.

We offer the following Junk Removal services:
• Organizing and sorting items you may want to keep ( Boxing them as well  for safekeeping)
• Taking items if needed to be recycled or donated or disposed of.
• We can handle big, heavy and bulky items.
• We also provide junk removal of office equipment and office furniture.

Let us help you make  your home happy
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