March Employee of the Month

Kim P is the team 1 supervisor, she’s been with our company since last August. She is a JOY to be around and has a smile that lights up the room. Kim earned employee of the month by being a solid supervisor, leading our efficiency challenge for the month, setting a great example for maintaining good attendance, and showing substantial growth in areas of communication and consistency!

February Employee of the Month

Korissa J has impressed us with her work ethic. Her attendance has been steller with no absences or tardies in over 4 months. She is hard working and cares about the clients and being here to help them daily. Her quality and commitment is excellent. We are proud of her for the hard work and quality that she brings to the Cleaning Mavericks family. Congratulations Korissa for being the February employee of the month. Keep working hard and bringing value to the Cleaning Mavericks

January Employee of the Month

Chloe R has just started with us at the end of 2017 and since she has been a Maverick her growth and motivation to always do better has been very apparent! Here at Cleaning Mavericks we like to keep the expectations high and each month we evaluate our employees and like to recognize someone for outstanding performance and growth! This month we would like to applaud and thank Chloe for standing out with her progress personally and professionally! 

December Employee of the Month

Throughout the last couple months there has been one person who has really come out of her shell and really plugged in! Lilly B! Lilly has really impressed us here at Cleaning Mavericks with her perseverance and patience not to mention her surprises daily! Lilly never fails to shock someone at least a few times a week! She is so full of knowledge and guidance! We appreciate Lilly for everything she brings to the family here and I’m happy to name her the employee of the month of December!  

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