Why We Clean Homes

After moving to the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex in 2010 from a small town in Michigan, we were immediately aware of the need for green cleaning services. The Texas heat and long dry summers seemed to stir up so much dust in our home, and we felt horrible using harsh commercial cleaning products! Our two dogs would sneeze and itch themselves when coming in contact with recently cleaned surfaces. We Spent hours searching for a cleaning company we could trust, that communicated with us in a timely manner and that didn’t charge outrageous first-time fees. Also, it was important for pet friendly cleaning as we have three dogs, we didn’t want to have to kennel our dogs for the day so our home could be cleaned. It was made very apparent that such a company did not exist. That’s when the plan to start Cleaning Mavericks was developed.

Our Mission Statement

We GUARANTEE to leave your home smelling, looking and feeling clean as can be! But on top of that, you wont need to worry about any harsh chemicals leaving dangerous residue for your kids or pets, because we use natural, 100% Eco-Friendly cleaning products!

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